Kevin Stefan

Kevin Stefan

Dance Director and Synchro Coach

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  • 26 years of skating experience
  • 21 years of Professional Status
  • 19 contracts with various production tours
  • 5 years as a Certified Trained Professional Coach


My name is Kevin Stefan.  I am a Level 1 Certified Skate Canada Coach and am currently working towards my Level 2.   I love skating.  I love everything about it; the physicality, the rush, the freedom, the speed, the artistry, the training and the list goes on.  No matter how tired or sore I am, as soon as my skates hit the ice all is forgotten.  My energy level is at its fullest and my spirit couldn’t be any higher.   I started skating at the age of 13.  I spent 5 short years as a competitive skater with my main focus in Ice Dance Pairs and Synchro.  When I was 18, I was approached by a Talent Scout which lead me into my career as a Professional Skater.  I’ve been touring the world with multiple major production companies but as of three years ago, I’ve retired from the show life and have been teaching skating.   Even though it keeps me busy 6 days a week with classes and private students, I’m still able to focus and push towards achieving my goal of becoming a full-time Choreographer.