Lisa Chatterson Elley

Canskate Trained Coach

I am a certified Regional Coach new to coaching. I am honoured to work alongside the experienced coaches at The Brant Skating Club.

I skated as a child into my teens then life took me into a different direction and I left the skating world. I have since returned as an adult. I hope to achieve my gold tests in skills, dance and artistic. I’m currently at the Star 9 level. I am also an Adult Competitor, have competed locally and at two ISU adult competitions and hope to attend many more.

I look forward to many years with the club. I want to promote to the youth that skating for life is a thing. I don’t want anyone to have regrets of giving it up for whatever reason like I do. I came back but so wish I did earlier than in my 40’s.

Skate for Life
Follow Your Dreams
Never Give Up