Saturday November 19th, 2022

Lions Park Arena, 20 Edge St, Brantford

It’s that time of year again! Club Competition time. Club Competition is a chance for Star 2+ skaters to practice their solos or skating elements in front of Skate Canada judges and for Can skate/Star 1 skaters to perform their series of spin, spiral, jump moves for our BSC coaches.

This year, due to a very busy competition filled December we have decided to move our annual Club competition a month earlier. This change will allow our senior skaters the chance to perform and perfect their solos before the competition season gets into full gear. Our Club competition will be held on Saturday afternoon after our regular morning sessions. The Team event has been rescheduled to run during the last week before Christmas.

Registration for this event is available online only and opens on October 24th. There are 3 different registration options available.

Can skate/Star 1 • Spin, spiral, jump.

This event is for our junior skaters. It gives them a chance to showcase the moves which they have learnt in their skating lessons. Each Can skate/ Star 1 level will be grouped together on the ice and directed by BSC coaches with whom they are familiar.

Skating elements

This event is for Star 2 – Star 10 skaters who do not feel quite ready to perform their solos, but still want the chance to receive some feedback on individual skating elements from Skate Canada judges. It is especially beneficial for Star 2 skaters who are new to performing solos.


This event is for Star 2-Pre Novice skaters and pair teams. It is a great opportunity to perform their solos in front of a supportive, enthusiastic audience and receive detailed feedback from Skate Canada judges.

Fees for this event are as follows:

Spin, spiral, jump: $10.00

Skating elements: $10.00

Solo: $15.00

Please note: Only one member of the Pair team needs to register for their solo

Skaters can register for Skating elements OR Solo, but not both

Registration and fees are due:

Monday November 7th, 2022.

Late registration needs board approval for registration to take place.

Any question? Please email Jane Duncan at

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Club Competition 2022


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Skating Elements

STAR LEVEL Skating Elements 2022
Star 2 Waltz jump + toe loop combo
Single flip OR single loop
Back spin
Sit OR camel spin
Spiral sequence
Star 3/4 Waltz jump + single loop OR Axel
Any single jump combination
Back spin
Sit OR Camel spin
Spiral OR field move sequence
Star 5 Single lutz
Any double jump
Any combination spin
Spiral OR field move sequence
Star 6 Axel
Any combination jump with at least 1 double jump
Any combination spin
Any flying spin
Spiral OR field move sequence
Star 8 Axel
Any double + double combination jump
Any combination spin
Any flying spin
Spiral OR field move sequence
Star 10 Single OR double Axel
Any double + double OR triple + double combination jump
Any combination spin
Any flying spin
Spiral OR field move sequence