Competitive/Advanced StarSkate

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Skaters on these sessions need to have strong skating skills. They are comfortable with the flow of a busy session and have a good sense of awareness. They routinely work independently and can adapt their training plans to incorporate group and private lessons. They also need to have a designated base coach who oversees their development and goals. Ideally these skaters are skating 5 to 6 sessions a week and participate regularly in off ice classes.

Early Winter 2023 is October 16 to Dec 23.

No Skating – Ice Cancellations:
October 21; October 31 (after 5:00 pm); November 18, 23 (after 5:00 pm), 24, 25.

BFSC Christmas Family Skate will be on Saturday, December 23, 2023.

Sold out.

Sold out.