Teen/Adult StarSkate and Skate & Sculpt

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This session is geared towards skaters who have good control of their skating skills, can work independently on the ice and are looking to improve their skating in a particular and more individualized manner. Whether you’re working towards skills, dance or free skate tests or want to try a choreographed solo and competition, (yes, there are adult competitions!) this could be the session for you?!

Skaters need to have a designated base coach to oversee their development but there are no off ice classes and minimal group instruction on these sessions.

Early Winter 2023 is October 16 to Dec 23.

No Skating – Ice Cancellations:
October 21; October 31 (after 5:00 pm); November 18, 23 (after 5:00 pm), 24, 25.

BFSC Christmas Family Skate will be on Saturday, December 23, 2023.