Are You Ready to be Tested?

STAR 1-5 is the official “learn to figure skate” program of Skate Canada. The tests at this level of skating are done by our professional coaching staff and are completed during your regularly scheduled sessions. Your coach will let you know ahead of time if you are ready to be tested.

The Star 6 – Diamond tests are evaluator (judge) assessed. These tests take place on our Club “Test Days”. Your coach will notify you if you are ready to be assessed by an evaluator.

ALL TESTS can be paid for online. Click here to make your test payment. This must be done BEFORE you are tested.

Star 1 Tests

Star 1 Freeskate Elements
Star 1 Skills
Star 1 Dance – Elements

Star 2 Tests

Star 2 Freeskate Elements
Star 2 Freeskate Program
Star 2 Skills
Star 2A Dance – Dutch Waltz
Star 2B Dance – Canasta Tango
Star 2 Synchro

Star 3 Tests

Star 3 Freeskate Elements
Star 3 Freeskate Program
Star 3 Skills
Star 3A Dance – Baby Blues
Star 3B Dance – Elements
Star 3 Synchro

Star 4 Tests

Star 4 Freeskate Elements
Star 4 Freeskate Program
Star 4 Skills
Star 4A Dance – Swing
Star 4B Dance – Fiesta Tango
Star 4 Synchro

Star 5 Tests

Star 5 Freeskate Elements
Star 5 Freeskate Program
Star 5 Skills
Star 5A Dance – Willow Waltz
Star 5B Dance – Elements
Star 5 Artistic

Star 6 Tests

Star 6 Freeskate Elements
Star 6 Program
Star 6 Skills
Star 6A Dance – Ten Fox
Star 6B Dance – European Waltz
Star 6C Dance – Fourteenstep

Star 7 Tests

Star 7 Freeskate Elements
Star 7 Freeskate Program
Star 7 Skills
Star 7A Dance – Keats Foxtrot
Star 7B Dance – Harris Tango
Star 7C Dance – American Waltz
Star 7 Artistic

Star 8 Tests

Star 8 Freeskate Elements
Star 8 Freeskate Program
Star 8 Skills
Star 8A Dance – Killian
Star 8B Dance – Rocker Foxtrot
Star 8C Dance – Starlight Waltz

Star 9 Tests

Star 9 Freeskate Elements
Star 9 Freeskate Program
Star 9 Skills
Star 9A Dance – Paso Doble
Star 9B Dance – Blues
Star 9C Dance – Silver Samba
Star 9 Artistic

Star 10 Tests

Star 10 Freeskate Elements
Star 10 Freeskate Program
Star 10 Skills
Star 10A Dance – Cha Congelado
Star 10B Dance – Westminster Waltz
Star 10C Dance – Quickstep

Gold Tests

Gold Freeskate Elements
Gold Freeskate Program
Gold Skills
Gold A Dance – Viennese Waltz
Gold B Dance – Argentine Tango
Gold C Dance – Gold Rhythm Dance
Gold Artistic

Diamond Tests

Diamond Dance – Ravensburger Waltz
Diamond Dance – Tango Romantica
Diamond Dance – Yankee Polka
Diamond Dance – Rhumba
Diamond Dance – Austrian Waltz
Diamond Dance – Golden Waltz